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Ever so indifferent, feelings of depression down. Jaded fucking… - Fuckabees!!

About Ever so indifferent, feelings of depression down. Jaded fucking…

Previous Entry Aug. 14th, 2005 @ 04:01 pm Next Entry
Ever so indifferent, feelings of depression
down. Jaded fucking Jaded
Doing laundry
Rainbow kids, looking tired as I felt
Homeless woman drinking from a corporate cup
Two solar fires exploded in mine mind
Dry cycle
Jones in my bones and ears
despondent, down down down
a man in a beanie cap and a capris talks about looking forward to the beginning and end of his life
girl in a shiny homemade shirt serves the joe
pair at the bar make a perfect ass, bouncing each other's perfectly shitty personalities off the other
two creams, 2 count pour and a plastic bear
stickered laptop, shadowed bar, booths filled, sofa empty
I sit at the table in the corner
there are no papers and realize nothing brings me joy
have a cigarette and a sip
feel the rush but no pleasure, no pleasure
frenchman reads a letter
clack, clack, clack of ice
observe patterns and objects and wonder how they manifested. steel, cloth, glass, plastic. whatever.
Art is back, but feels lost
I see the sounds in the back of my mind
but they have no weight
Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name
but its not me and its not here.
the ass has three cheeks now
My gym teacher jabbers about New York, exploding cabs, $40, and home while playing online poker.
Lesbian on a cell phone
the second cigarette is gone and I'm staring at the bottom of the cup.
Some force moves me to leave
same two guys talking about crap
see a girl I knew and conversed
but that meant nothing
two hippies and a frisbee
16 minutes left
shady eyes
come to rest forever on the ugliest couch in the world
Another day.
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: silent thunder
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